• Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class in South Orlando

Vinyasa Flow

Literally translated from Sanskrit, Vinyasa means “connection.” Vinyasa Yoga synchronizes movement with breath which helps the practitioner develop a greater sense of self­ awareness, balance, and harmony with themselves and their environment. Vinyasa classes typically include smoothly flowing movements between poses guided by the force of inhales and exhales. Each class is unique but may include the many variations of Sun Salutations as well as standing postures, inversions, backbends, twists, forward bends, and deep relaxation.

Vinyasa Level 1

A yoga class for those newer to yoga or those wanting a basic flow class. This class introduces foundational yoga postures, teaches you how to breathe and helps you feel more comfortable in the yoga practice. Although this class moves at a slower pace than the other vinyasa classes, expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.

Vinyasa Level 2

A Level 2 vinyasa class. Discover new and different ways to advance your practice. As always, modifications are welcome. You don’t have to consider yourself a level 2 student to attend this class.

Vinyasa Level 1-2

A Level 1-2 Vinyasa class. Expect to move with your breath and focus your attention; this well-balanced flow class will get you out of your head and into your body and your breath; modifications always welcome.

Vinyasa Level 3

As you mindfully integrate movement and breath, this Vinyasa class is aimed at the seasoned beginner who has Level 1 experience and intermediate practitioners who are ready to expand their yoga practice. We recommend that students seeking to take these classes feel confident, safe, and strong throughout classic sun salutations.